Fun on Sapporo Virtual Race~札幌国際スキーマラソン2021~

"Bring your Smile to Sapporo"

We launched the 1st Sapporo International Ski Marathon in 1981 as Japan's first official cross-country ski race. The 2nd race was authorized by the International Ski Federation (FIS), so the Sapporo Int. Ski Marathon was spotlighted. On top of that, the 6th race belonged to the Worldloppet, a globalized ski federation, as the first Asian membership race in the Worldloppet. Since then, the Sapporo Int. Ski Marathon has been well known around the world.
We planned and prepared to hold the 41st race on February 7th, Sunday 2021. However, we made the heartbreaking decision to cancel the race because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
For its replacement, we will hold the virtual race using GPS applications. You can record the course, distance and time. If you would like, please post your results and pictures on the website. We hope every participant can unite with each other and accomplish your set goals.
We'll make sure you will have a lot of "FUN" by sharing your pictures and comments. By doing this, we believe the Sapporo Virtual Race will send encouraging messages to people around the world based on our theme, "Bring your Smile to Sapporo."

Sapporo International Ski Marathon Official Site

Bring your Smile to Sapporo

We will post your smiling pictures on our website. Energy from your smiles will be gathered in Sapporo to overcome current hardships.

You can upload your result and pictures HERE
You can download your completion certificate and bib HERE

How to upload your result and pictures

For PC For Smartphone

NOTE about your picture and message

  1. When you post a picture, you are kindly requested to take responsibility for it.
  2. If the organizer decides your picture or message is not appropriate for our event, we will not post it on the website.

Thank you very much for your understanding.


  • You can participate
    from anywhere in the world
    and choose your event
    among enough optional events.

  • Post your picture, please!

  • Post your message and send cheers to everybody.

What's New

Delivery Time about the Participation Prize.NEW
We've released the general information of the Sapporo Virtual race.

General Information


Registration: by 16:00 on March 4th (CET), by 24:00 on March 4th (JST)
Result Uploading: by 16:00 on March 7th (CET), by 24:00 on March 7th (JST)

Events, Distance, Entry fee, Capacity

Events Distance Entry fee Capacity
Cross-country Skiing
Roller Skiing
50km 1,000 JPY 300
People who are able to complete the race within the period
11km 500 JPY
100m Free 20
12 years old and below


Registration was closed

How to time

Receive your Log-in Password

*The entry center will send your log-in password to your email address in early February.

Carry out the event you chose in your favorite course and time your performance.

*Race:Feb. 7th(Sun.)~Mar.7th(Sun)

*Upload your time, pics and message onto the result format with your log-in pass word.

*You can post up to 3 pics, but it’s possible to renew or change pics. (It may take some time to complete your upload)


*After you fill in your result, your race will be finished.

*The Record Certificate will be available to be downloaded.

*Deadline of your result report: March 7th,Sunday
You can post your pics until March 7th, Sunday.

■Please upload lots of your smiling pictures or messages, and bring your smile to the world!


Fun on Sapporo Virtual Race ~Sapporo International Ski Marathon 2021~is authorized by Worldloppet Ski Federation and belongs to Virtual Racing League. After you complete 10 virtual races, you are eligible to be certified as a “Virtual Racer.” A diploma is available to download for a Virtual Racer which certifies his/her great accomplishment. (for an additional charge)

Participation Prizes

50km, 25km





Record certificate

Digital race bib
11km, 5km, 3km




Record certificate

Digital race bib



Record certificate

Digital race bib

You may not be able to receive the participation prize due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Thank you very much for your understanding in this situation.


  1. If you have a fever, a cough or feel uncomfortable, please refrain from participating in the race to prevent COVID 19 from spreading.
  2. Please take preventive measures against COVID 19. For example, please avoid performing in a group and perform with social distancing. Please wear a face mask or a mouth cover in crowded areas.
  3. The purpose of this race is not competing for time. Please adjust your stamina and physical condition.
  4. During your performance, be careful not to cause trouble to others. For example, don’t disturb traffic along a general road. During night, please secure safety measures such as wearing a reflective material or head light.
  5. Please observe traffic rules and manners. When you use a park, please follow its rules.


  1. The 41st Sapporo International Ski Marathon is held with observing all related rules.
  2. Even though the race may be cancelled due to earthquakes, storm and flood damage, snowfalls, Incidents, plagues and infections or other reasons, we don’t refund your entry fee.
  3. Even if you get sick, wounded or get involved in incidents or accidents in the race, it should be your own responsibility and the organizer doesn’t take any responsibility.
  4. Even if you get injured in the race, your injury is not covered with the organizer’s accident insurance.
  5. If a participant is a minor, we ask his/her family or guardian gives permission to participate in the race.
  6. The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information and strictly observes Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws. The organizer should deal with personal information based on our personal information protection policy.
  7. To improve services for participants, we should inform them of related information and make use of services offered by sponsors and other related associations.